M5 LED Color-Rite Interchangables

LED colors are the same as the Lens cap.50 Lights Per String4″ Light Spacing (16.6′ long)Full WaveEnd to End ConnectionsGreen WireUL ApprovedResemble the Incandescent Mini Lights
3 Piece construction allow’s the user to change colors within the light string. The Len’s cap screws off allowing you to pull the LED light out to replace with Another color. Insert your desired color into the socket and screw on the Matching color lens and your done! 9 Colors Available. Great for people who put their own lights on wire frame silhouettes or when you need certain colors in specific places.
New technology – there are no resistors or rectifiers built into the light strings since its all contained in the plug.*NOTE* To the LOR and AL users… we do not recommend using these lights unless you do a full on on full off.These lights do not qualify for any discounts

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